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Grown Up Fun

Release This debut album from New York based singer-songwriter Andrew Baum, like it's title "Release", commands that you go and give in. Whether you resist or not, by the end of one listen, you will find music that goes down lush and smooth. In warm ballads and inviting melodies, Baum evokes all our sun-dappled afternoons and bittersweet times with open and quiet emotionality reminiscent of Billy Joel in the 70's. Relying on gentle harmonies and acoustic guitar, songs like "I Feel You Fade" and "Like The Sun" make you feel as if you're discovering Simon and Garfunkel for the first time. The more complicated productions, like "Even More", break your heart with their open-throated, yearning vocals. For all it's tentative melancholy, this album has simmering optimism underneath. Baum offers a peaceful and personable hope. He sings us songs of a mature hope borne out of longing, understanding too much, and knowing everything comes full circle over and over. The beauty is that Baum comes to terms and realizes that all he can do, like all of us, is "Release". (available at

Cocktail Parties

If you're having a cocktail party at home (or place of business) and are looking for a special, intimate musical touch, you can always go for your standard cocktail pianist. As an alternative, why not bring in a musician whose style, approach and song selection all perfectly match the mood of the occasion (not to mention the age range of your guests!). With a deep, deep repertoire of popular songs dating from the 1960's through the 1980's, why not create an atmosphere where everyone can talk at a comfortable volume while at the same time being able to appreciate having a live musician performing familiar, popular songs that make everyone feel good. Consider inviting Andy to play at your next event and see (and hear) the difference. (References available upon request.)

That 70's Band

If you're having a party at your home, a special family event - or even a corporate event - and you're looking for an intimate 3 piece band to provide the soundtrack for your evening, perhaps you should consider That 70's Band. That 70's Band is essentially three lead singers: Andy (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Ronnie (vocals, drums, guitar, bass) and Dave (vocals, bass, guitar, piano). All three members take turns singing incredibly classic and fun songs from the 1970's ("Tiny Dancer" anyone? How about "American Pie"?) adding their own special mix of 3 part harmony. Their set features just the right balance of all time 1970's classics, as well as those amazing one hit wonders songs from the glory days of AM gold (Who remembers "Dancing In The Moonlight"?). Either way, if you'll take a chance, That 70's Band will be sure to keep you coming back for more. (References available upon request.)

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